Residential Design

Flats, Villas, Bungalows and Row Houses- everyone has a lifetime dream for a lovely home. We at CreCraft are with you to bring in class, comfort and all the beauty you wished for. Be it a cozy decor, cool contemporary styles, warm kitchens or restful living spaces- trust us the experts. So sit back, relax and watch CreCraft transform your house into a luxurious, and a comfortable home.

Hospitally Design

The hospitality industry requires spaces elevated with a particular style, and create the ambience for a certain mood. CreCraft designs interiors for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, fitness centers, health centers and beauty spas precisely with this objective. The scope of work, budget are top priority and taken into careful consideration at every step of the design and implementation.

Office Design

CreCraft believes that office design needs to be unique, functional and impressive. While our customers look at diversity in styles, aesthetics, we provide design suggestions in line with their brand identity, line of business and corporate image. There are two facets to office design. The company's image and vision needs to be projected in the design. Second, the design needs to leverage employee productivity and provide the aesthetics for physically comfortable spaces to collaborate, communicate, focus and perform at their best.

Commercial Design

When it comes to designing offices, shops, hotels or hospitals, CreCraft understands the need for a brand identity. Our contemporary designs will ensure exclusivity and visibility above the competition. While there is provision for creativity in commercial design, we can advise the use of bold colors, patterns and textures in cafes, restaurants, and showrooms. Before a concept is considered, we keep the brand and client needs first on our agenda. So whether your choice is for a classy and elegant look, we will provide the right dynamics to commercial spaces.
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CreCraft offers comprehensive design solutions for offices and homes. We at CreCraft understand our customer's choices and taste. We always work in close collaboration to satisfy our customers by offering a distinct and personal touch to interior design. We offer a unique landscape of design elegance, style, diversity, and colors that are sure to delight our customers.

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